Infinity Advantage - The Best Car Insurance Option

Why choose Infinity?

1. It begins and ends with you

Infinity Auto Insurance offers a complete line of insurance products and has proven throughout its history how stable, reputable, and affordable it is. What makes Infinity Auto Insurance stand above the rest is our focus on you, the customer. All of our product development, service initiatives, and expansion plans are guided by the requests of our valued clients, who have individual needs. Our goal as a company is to satisfy those needs and to continually improve our services.

One need that we have stepped up to fulfill is the need for a trusted insurance company in the Hispanic communities of the U.S. We have become a family name in many Hispanic households across the country, and we offer more resources in Spanish than any other insurance company. Our Hispanic clients are some of our best clients, and we are proud to serve them.

2. We want to keep you happy

We have been listening to our customers and growing to provide the services they need. Now we are a publicly traded insurance company (NASDAQ: IPCC) with over 2,000 employees. This has only been possible because of our focus on customer happiness. We are dedicated to keep providing the same level of service that brought us to where we are today.

3. We are committed, and certifiably so!

A.M Best and other rating firms consider Infinity a Rated A (Excellent) business for its Financial Strength. That letter “A” speaks of our stability and solidity. It means you can trust us to be here for you now and to be your family's protection provider for the foreseeable future.

4. You don't need to choose between protection and budget

As comprehensive and as varied as our products are, we understand that unless they fit in your budget they're not an option. We make the bottom line a priority. That's why we keep our rates so competitive. We also have payment plans and individualized solutions to help you get the coverage you need at rates you can be comfortable with.

5. Same expert and friendly service, brand new ways to get it

After so many years perfecting our products and services, Infinity knows insurance is about people, not just a policy number. We have an expert service department with the training to make your experience friendly and comfortable. We have gone one step further and expanded our customer care to be available through a variety of platforms. You can call on the phone, email us, or log in to your personalized online self-service account. Now, not only do you have a trusted family of experts to tap for help, but you also have their help at the tip of your fingers, anytime you need it.

6. We are there for you when it counts the most

We all hope it never happens, but the reason you get insurance coverage is for protection when things go wrong. At Infinity Auto Insurance we pride ourselves on being empathetic, understanding and prompt when we respond to a claim. We have a fully-trained first response service team, the first carbon-neutral fleet of vehicles in the industry, and convenient local claims service centers.

7. You can talk about your coverage over coffee

Infinity has independent agents and brokers throughout the nation. Each one of these trusted insurance experts is available for a friendly face-to-face chat with you. You get the same level of professionalism, expertise and reliability from every single one. When you start a relationship with one of these agents or brokers, you will quickly find yourself with a friend who you can trust with all of your and your family’s insurance needs.